Where Are You Heading?

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Where Are You Heading?

A few years ago I was in my local church listening to the speaker promoting an event where people would come to hear the heart and vision of the church. He used possibly one of the greatest explanations I have ever heard for someone who is thinking about committing to a cause.

You wouldn’t get onto a train without knowing where that train was going.

When you think about it that statement makes total sense. You wouldn’t commit to something, give your time, your effort and sometimes your money without knowing the vision and goals they wish to achieve. So why is when it comes to our small business we so often give our weekends, our sleep and our money although we do not know where it is going?
We encourage all of our Gro Business mentoring clients to take some time away from the craziness of owning a small business and fill out a business plan. This is such a vital part for any small business to succeed. It allows business owners to set the vision and make sure they staying on track to achieve those goals.

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