Updating Your Facebook Cover Photo

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Facebook Cover photos are fantastic ways to promote a specific product, event or just your business to your customers. Like signage in your shop it is great to change every now and then.

A Facebook cover photo is an great way to communicate a sale, special event, product you would like to promote or your business in general. And like signage throughout a store it is great to change your cover image every now and then. So in today’s article we are going to be showing you how to update and change your Facebook Cover image.

Go to your business Facebook Page.

Firstly to change the cover on your Facebook page. You need to login to your personal Facebook account and select your page from the menu bar on the left hand side of the page. You should now be looking at your Facebook page similar to what is pictured above.

Go to your business Facebook Page.

Now that you are on your Facebook Page move your mouse over your current Facebook cover image. On the top left of the cover photo you will see a camera icon. When you click on that a dropdown box will appear. On this dropdown menu select “upload photo/video”.

Go to your business Facebook Page.

On your computer select the image you would want to be your cover image. When you have selected it on the bottom right hand of the window click on the open or upload button.

Once the image has upload position the image in the frame how you would like it to look by clicking and dragging the image. Then click save.

Congratulations you have now changed your cover image on your Facebook Page. For more information and tips on using Facebook for your business make sure to subscribe to Gro Networking.


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