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A few days ago I was doing some research on Google on some gear I want to buy. While searching the internet I came across a website which gave me a very loud, very alarming message. This website is not secure, attackers may be trying to get your data. I quickly left that website and...
The Wedding Experience
My niece from Tasmania is getting married. She flew to Queensland to stay for a few days with the main purpose for the trip to find a stunning wedding dress for the special occasion. She had booked 2 appointments with bridal shops on the Gold Coast and we headed off for a girls day of...
Setting a Featured Image in Wordpress
A few months ago I started a series of blog posts with how to’s for the basics of WordPress. When we build websites, WordPress is our go to CMS. After this series finished I came to realise that I had missed one of the most ignored features of WordPress which I absolutely adore, a featured...
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