Why Online Reviews are Important for Your Store

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Why Online Reviews are Important for Your Store

I was recently in Sydney for a conference and there was about twenty of us searching high and low for a place where we could have dinner at about 11pm. Like everybody seems to do these days we pulled out our phones and started Googling any place that was open. We found a place that was only a few hundred metres from where we were, but we decided to go to a restaurant a train ride and ten minute walk away because it had better customer reviews.

With the ever growing presence of digital marketing in our worlds customer reviews should be such an important part of your digital marketing plan. Today we are going looking at four reasons why online review are important for your store.

Online Reviews will increase your sales

Like the experience I had in Sydney we went to a store that was less convenient because it had more customer reviews. Having online reviews on sites such as Yelp, Facebook and Google help customers get a picture of what your store is like and whether or not they would like to go there.

You will be able to better understand and help your customers

As a business owner online reviews allow you to better understand and have an open door relationship with your customers. You are able have honest reviews from your customers about what is working and what you may need to change for your business to improve.

Online Reviews improve your Google rankings

Google has recently been changing the way which is ranks websites. And with Googles goal to the give a better picture of the business. Google has now have increased the importance of customer reviews. Businesses with a more reviews on Google My Business, Facebook and services like yelp are a contributing factor to how high your website ranks on Google.

Online Reviews generate customer engagement

A two way conversation with customers and business increase your relationship with your customers. And customer reviews are a fantastic way to get that conversation flowing. Responding to customer feedback whether good or bad is a great way to show transparency and increase your relationship with your customers.

So there it is, five simple reasons why customer feedback is important for your store. In the coming weeks we will be discussing on ways which you can generate online customer feedback.

Have you found a great way to generate customer feedback? Make sure to let us know in the comments below.

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