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Creative Media is becoming the crucial tool for presenting products and services that businesses offer their existing and potential customers. In a highly competitive and fast-moving retail marketplace, it is vital for all businesses to present themselves with a professional and up-to-date image that highlights the “Value”, “Convenience”, and “Inspiration” of their offering, ensuring customers put their organization first when considering their purchases.

GRO Creative is an important division of Gro Networking and is extremely well equipped with equipment, skills, knowledge, and experience to produce high-quality media content for use in a wide range of promotional applications.
As Gro Networking clients are spread throughout Australia, GRO Creative has been able to work with clients through online connections and services. Specialising in video and photography, GRO Creative will capture the uniqueness of a retail experience and create suitable clips, albums and creative media content for use at corporate events, trade events, social media platforms and web pages.

GRO Creative is responsible for creating seasonal theming for our Gro Networking member businesses. Seasonal marketing becomes the focus of E-marketing, which is simplified using GRO Creative custom designed and produced e-newsletters and media content, all of which is available for posting on all major social media platforms. To assist with continuity, these themes can be continued through to the store presentation with POS signage, fence banners, posters and customer flyers.

As with all of Gro Networking services, our focus is to network businesses together, enabling them to share opportunities, resources, and ideas with the result of achievable professional and profitable retailing.