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The Wedding Experience
I must say, this was like a scene from a movie. Our first stop we pulled up out the front, yes, very convenient, for the first appointment. The building looked fabulous, it was an old beach house that had been given a rustic makeover. We entered through the carved timber doors into ‘bride dress heaven’. A beautifully dressed lady with a clipboard in hand welcomed myself, my sister (mother of the bride), my son (the photographer) and of course the bride to be, my niece Kate. We were all given...
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Setting a Featured Image in Wordpress
A few months ago I started a series of blog posts with how to’s for the basics of WordPress. When we build websites, WordPress is our go to CMS. After this series finished I came to realise that I had missed one of the most ignored features of WordPress which I absolutely adore, a featured image. A featured image creates a post thumbnail. This will be displayed whenever you share a link to the specified page on a platform such as Facebook. Depending on your theme it can also display...
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Selling A Retail Experience
As we travel the country we visit lots of great places. We meet lots of great people and see lots of great things. The standout places and faces that come easily to the mind are those that have an experience attached to them. The Grounds of Alexandra is a wonderful retail experience and everyone that has been there remembers this experience. There are places all over the world that can prepare and serve food but only the ‘Grounds’ can supply the ‘Grounds’ experience. We recently shared an excellent evening with...
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