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Membership Fees Are Utilised For The Development Of Resources

Throughout our travels and mentoring businesses and organisations across Australia as Garden Retail Success Mentors and Consultants, we have discovered that many of these independent businesses face similar issues. For a single entity, each step forward can be daunting, expensive and much more difficult. Due to time constraints and increasing expenses, important elements of being a progressive and significant business in today’s ever-changing marketplace can be overlooked or put into the ‘Too Hard’ basket.

Gro Networking membership fees are utilised for the development of resources – intellectual and physical, as well as increasing opportunities for members to grow their businesses in areas that would not have been achievable or affordable using their own resources. Gro Networking members have access to an ever-increasing and evolving menu of services that are affordable through the power of mass network sharing.

Marketing & Communications

In a highly competitive and fast-moving retail marketplace, it is vital for all businesses to present themselves with a professional and up-to-date image that highlights the value, convenience, and inspiration of their offering, ensuring customers put their organization first when considering their purchases.

Our Gro Networking members have access to Gro Creative, a creative marketing agency. This allows our members to achieve professional and creative websites, photography, video production and email marketing at an affordable rate.

Workshops & Networking

At Gro Networking one of our main passions is to connect like-minded businesses owners and it’s team together. We hold networking events across Australia throughout the year. Including the Garden Retail Success Study Tour and dinners at events such as the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show as well as the Reed Gift Fairs.

We also hold workshops teaching our members the latest tips and tricks on marketing, merchandising and business practises.

The Gro Garden Blog

Creating content to share on your social media and emails can be a very time consuming and mentally exhausting task. Our members in the horticulture industry have access to the Gro Garden Blog, a blog with information and tips tailored to the Australian climate.