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“Our Members are made up of indepedent garden centres & retailers based throughout Australia”

Throughout our travels and mentoring businesses and organisations across Australia as Garden Retail Success Mentors and Consultants, we have discovered that many of these independent businesses face similar issues. For a single entity, each step forward can be daunting, expensive and much more difficult. Due to time constraints and increasing expenses, important elements of being a progressive and significant business in today’s ever-changing marketplace can be overlooked or put into the ‘Too Hard’ basket.

GRO NETWORKING is committed to bringing independent businesses together, enabling them to share opportunities, resources, and ideas to assist them to achieve professional and profitable results. Even though many of the existing GRO members are established garden centres, GRO membership is suitable for many independent businesses who are willing to work with professionals and participate in networking with like-minded businesses. GRO membership includes, but is not limited to, members from the retail, horticulture, automotive, computer supplies and cosmetic industries.

Hilton and Tracy Blake Gro Networking

“I call it a “family”, as working with Tracy and Hilton Blake has that family feel to it which I love”

Simone Youman

The benefits that have been enjoyed by GRO Network members have include

All GRO Networking membership fees are utilised for the development of resources – intellectual and physical, as well as increasing opportunities for members to grow their businesses in areas that would not have been achievable or affordable using their own resources. GRO NETWORKING members have access to an ever-increasing and evolving menu of services that are affordable through the power of mass network sharing.

We develop, design and create seasonal signage. Before each season, members are offered their own branded seasonal package at an extremely low members rate. Included within this package is an editable database mailout template, branded seasonal signage templates, social media themed headers and seasonable web homepage.

The database mailout template is editable if desired and has various inspirational pictures and blurbs, which can be utilised with several mailouts per season. Each business has the provision to add and change texts or photos for their own individual focus. There is also an option where GRO NETWORKING creates and manages campaigns – there is a low members hourly charge for this service. We produce quality documents from supplied information, using a professional and inspirational style and can manage distribution, plus we are able to provide results of the marketing resource. Currently all GRO NETWORKING members choose the managed campaigns using seasonal templates. These are created and distributed online for less than $40.00 per campaign.

Benefits being enjoyed by GRO NETWORK members include:
   > Development of seasonal themes and signage
   > Access to seasonal e-marketing mailout templates
   > Access to high resolution original GRO images
   > Management and personalisation of e-marketing campaigns and database
   > Website development
   > Social media management
   > Brand development
   > Design of print ads, flyers and brochures
   > Promotional Planning
   > Photography and Video filming
   > Supplier rebates