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Give Me an Experience

As we travel the country we visit lots of great places. We meet lots of great people and see lots of great things. The standout places and faces that come easily to the mind are those that have an experience attached to them.

The Grounds of Alexandra is a wonderful retail experience and everyone that has been there remembering this experience. There are places all over the world that can prepare and serve food but only the ‘Grounds’ can supply the ‘Grounds’ experience.

We recently shared an excellent evening with clients/friends at Eat Street in Brisbane. This place is interesting, colourful, and filled with great food, and family entertainment. There is nowhere that we have seen that creates an experience such as this.

There are many such experiences that are easy to remember. – Willie Smith Apple Shed in Tasmania’s Huon Valley, The Barossa Vintage Festival – a simple visit to a kid’s clothes shop in Ballarat over 20 years is remembered because the owner cleverly changed a place I did not really want to be into an experience that I still talk about.

The business owners who understand that they are not just selling a product but are selling an experience have a different focus rather than price and product. The businesses that we work with who have created a unique and memorable retail experience are enjoying excellent sales growth. Although the perception of value is hugely important, I have no recollection of the pricing from these places as the experience is what was purchased. The price of items became much less important.

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