Using a Featured Image in WordPress

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Using a Featured Image in WordPress

A few months ago I started a series of blog posts with how to’s for the basics of WordPress. When we build websites, WordPress is our go to CMS. After this series finished I came to realise that I had missed one of the most ignored features of WordPress which I absolutely adore, a featured image. A featured image creates a post thumbnail. This will be displayed whenever you share a link to the specified page on a platform such as Facebook. Depending on your theme it can also display a thumbnail on your blog page. What we are going to do toady is explain why we use a featured image, and go through the process which we go through to create a featured image for the Gro Networking website.

Using a Featured Image in WordPress | Why We Use Them

When you create a featured image you are are setting the tone for your post or page. We are going to use a previous blog post which I wrote titled ‘Where are you heading?’ as an example. In the post I talk about having a destination which you would like to achieve in your business and I use an analogy of a train. Looking at the feature image we used, see image below. You can see that the message which we speak about in the blog post is present in the feature image. So before the audience even starts reading the post, they have a very rough idea of what we are talking about.

Using a consistent theme throughout your feature images helps your website branding. When somebody sees your feature image. Before even reading what the text says they should know who the blog post is by and what to expect.
Setting a Featured Image in WordPress Setting a Featured Image in WordPress

Using a Featured Image in WordPress | Creating a Feature Image

For every one of the websites we manage, I simply have a photoshop document which I have created with a feature image design that I can use. Whenever I need to create a new feature image, I read through the blog post and think of an image that relates to the blog post. For the example I used above I used an image which I took while I was heading home from the city one night. I then change the text to the blog title and export.

Once your image has been exported all you simply have to do is set your feature image on the desired page or post. If you would like any more information about featured images or how to use them check out this fantastic video from the YouTube channel Learn Web Code.

So there it is! As simple as that, but such an effective tool to help your website look even more professional. As more WordPress features become avalible I will be sharing them on this blog, so make sure to subsribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with all things WordPress.

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