Study Tour 2018

Every year we are able to partner up with Garden Retail Success Australia for the GRS Study Tour. Every year it’s a fantastic time of bringing together garden centre owners and managers from across Australia & New Zealand to see the latest of what the retail world has to offer. And this year is the best study tour we’ve had yet.

Starting off on the sun-stained Gold Coast and making our way to Byron Bay, Brisbane and finally jumping on a plane to experience Limberlost Garden Centre in Cairns. Taking a slightly different approach to the Study Tour this year. We created a more relaxed and conversational environment. Allowing delegates to ask any marketing and business questions as throughout the event instead of a large workshop.

We believe this was the best tour we’ve ever had and cannot wait to see what the next Study Tour holds. If you would like information on the upcoming retail events simply subscribe to our email newsletter and you’ll be the first time receive¬†information on Study tour 2019.

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