The Wedding Experience

I must say, this was like a scene from a movie. Our first stop we pulled up out the front, yes, very convenient, for the first appointment. The building looked fabulous, it was an old beach house that had been given a rustic makeover. We entered through the carved timber doors into ‘bride dress heaven’. A beautifully dressed lady with a clipboard in hand welcomed myself, my sister (mother of the bride), my son (the photographer) and of course the bride to be, my niece Kate. We were all given a glass of champagne that had been sprinkled with flower petals and invited to sit on the soft, oh so comfy, sofa. The décor was uncomplicated and elegant. As I sat there listening to the sales lady talk Kate through the process of purchasing a gown with them, my retail senses were jumping for joy. The experience so far was pure enjoyment. Kate proceeded to try on the dresses she had previously sent on a wish list to the bridal shop while the rest of us sipped on champagne. I am pleased to say that there was only one dress that was DDG (drop dead gorgeous) on her size 6 figure. This made the decision process easy, this one, please!

As a consultant to independent businesses, I love the independent retail marketplace. Every business personality is unique. From a retail point of view, these dresses were much the same price, locations were within 5 minutes of each other, processes for ordering was similar, but the difference in the retail experience could not have been further apart.

As my clients would tell you, because I say it over and over, creating a retail experience that is convenient, great value and inspiring are the 3 main keys to retail success. Tick, Tick Tick shop 1!