Telling Your Unique Story

The past few months have been a busy time for us at Gro Networking. We have been travelling to most corners of the country visiting garden centres and independent retailers.
The hot topic of these travels has been branding & marketing. Many of our clients are going through this process. Looking at who they are and what they have to offer their customers. From the outside, it is easy for us to feel and see the difference of each business. But for the business owners it hard for them to step back and see things from the customer point of view.
We recently sat down with a well established business. They have seen great success in supplying garden products to the people of their community. Although Traditional marketing has served them well it is not attracting a new generation of customers. Just a short time into our meeting yesterday, we soon were hearing about the businesses points of difference that they had over their competitors. There were some very real and exciting products and services that were part of this business that were not offered by their competitors. Communicating these points of difference to people who are not customers is a major key to achieving business growth.
In today’s digital world there is the opportunity to tell your unique story to potential customers that is affordable, exciting, inclusive and engaging.